Swift/Burst Alert Telescope 70-month catalogue

This is an interactive sky-map Adam Hill and I have plotted using Python and Plotly. You can toggle the different redshifts you want to filter the observed points by via the legend on the right. Every source you see here was detected in the 70 month Swift/BAT catalogue. The size of the points corresponds to the amount of hard X-ray flux detected by BAT at the position in the sky!

The NuSTAR Local AGN N(H) Distribution Survey (NuLANDS)

This is an interactive sky-map Keel et al. (1994) sample and I have plotted using, selected based on warm IRAS colours. A subset of this sample has been selected to observe with NuSTAR, in the NuSTAR Local AGN N_H Distribution Survey (NuLANDS). This sample of ~30 AGN have been selected to be a representative sample of obscuration. The sky-map can be filtered by redshift classification.